Order blower truck

If the annual need for pellets is greater, it is useful to build a special container and order pellets with a blower. Such a container can be placed next to the house, in the basement, in the attic or dug into the ground. Even in our climate, pellets can be stored outdoors, but they must still be protected from rain and snow falling or seeping into the container. If there is a container, the exact amount of pellets is pumped from the blower directly into the container, and from there the feed auger takes the required amount for the burner. The owners task is only to order more pellets at the right time and to remove the ash generated during combustion. However, the amount of ash is not large. Due to the high density and low moisture level, high-quality pellets burn almost completely.

We serve our customers with blower trucks specially designed for the transport of pellets, which can hold 15 - 18 tons of wood pellets. Such a car allows you to take goods to quite a few customers in one round. The cars are equipped with scales with an unloading accuracy of +/- 20 kg. In order to maintain the quality of the pellet, it is possible to adjust the blowing pressure in the range of 0.3-0.8 bar. The maximum distance between the blower truck and the container is recommended to be 20 m.

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