Pellet Heating

Pellet heating is environmentally friendly, based on renewable energy.

When burning a pellet, the same amount of carbon dioxide is released as the tree used from the Earths atmosphere when it was growing. Thus, CO² balance in the natural cycle, which certainly cannot be said about the use of fossil (oil, gas, hard coal) fuels.

Just like any fuel, pellets are also produced with different calorific value and ash content. In the case of pellets, these indicators mainly depend on the type of wood used and the technology used in production.

Pellets with the highest calorific value are produced from a mixture of pine and spruce sawdust or planer shavings. Since mainly pine and spruce wood is processed in Estonia, the pellets produced in Estonia are also appreciated for their high calorific value, e.g. A-pellet products have 4.9 kWh/kg. Unfortunately, in our country they also sell pellets, the quality of which is beneath all criticism. External observation cannot identify the quality of the pellet, and the colour of the pellet does not indicate its quality. After combustion, less than 0.3 percent of ash remains, which is less than four kilograms of ash per ton of used Premium A1-class pellet. Pellet heating can be fully automated. In the next generation of equipment, even ash separation is automated when an automatic ash separation system is installed in the boiler. A sensor can be installed in the pellet container to indicate when more pellets need to be ordered. Of course, it is possible to add an internet module to the burner, which allows for the remote regulation of the combustion process. As always, when choosing equipment, it is advisable to seek advice from specialists who can recommend the most suitable and affordable solution.

When choosing a heating system, be sure to consider:

* Who offers the products in the selection and to what extent maintenance is guaranteed. 

* The boiler seller must have thoroughly tested their products. Pellet boilers are an investment, and it is important that the seller can explain all the pros and cons of the boiler to you. A good seller has attended factory training, can install the boiler with quality, and provides comprehensive technical support.

A functional heating system ensures its efficient operation, allows savings on heating costs, and ensures comfort!

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